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Fishing in Jackman Maine


The Jackman/Moose River valley is ideally located for the serious fishermen as well as the beginner. Jackman is known for its collection of remote ponds that have very high quality trout fishing. Anglers far and wide travel to the Jackman Maine area to sample the thrill of fishing for 10-15 inch native and stocked brook trout on that special fly. Some other remote ponds offer 2 to 4 pound trout. Bishop's Country Inn/Motel in Jackman Maine is a great place to get a good night's sleep without compromising comfort and be perfectly located for your day of fishing. Some of these ponds have difficult access and require a four-wheel drive vehicle. The willingness for a bit of a walk to some of these remote ponds in the Jackman Maine area seems like a small price to pay for the delights that lie beneath the waters surface. Float planes can also fly you into a few of the areas best ponds without all the huffing and puffing. A local flying service will gladly guide you into these ponds with advance notice. Sometimes you have to fish all day for this class of brook trout, but it beats the elbow to elbow fishing of other places. Other ponds and streams offer a lot of action with smaller trout.

Fishing in Jackman Maine

If you are a beginner and want to experience the thrill of inland fishing, Jackman is the place for you! Bishops has been helping beginners for almost 50 years. We have everything that you need.  Glenn, owner of Bishop's and many of the employees are fishermen themselves and will gladly help you!

Fishing poles, live bait, flies, maps, nets, lures and much more are available. Bishop's Store in Jackman Maine is the most complete outdoor sporting business in the area, an agent for the State of Maine, they can sell you your fishing licenses, recommend equipment and fishing spots based on your experience level. Famous ponds such as Crocker Pond are ideal fishing for the beginner. Four wheel drive is not needed and the current regulation for this pond is general law so nature's natural bait; the infamous worms and crawlers can be used, and two trout over 6 inches may be kept. Big Wood Pond is a good place to catch landlocked salmon after ice out. Which usually happens late April. Salmon can be taken easily during this time because the water is cold with high oxygen levels and the salmon are still just under the water's surface. Beginner's and experienced fishermen enjoy the quality of fishing and the no-hassle fishing experience that can be had. A town landing allows easy fishing access to Big Wood by car and boats can be rented locally. If you prefer fishing on shore, popular Heald Stream and Sandy Stream can offer a lot of high-quality fishing action without the boat.

Fishing in Jackman Maine

Ice fishing is a popular sport for the fishermen that loves fishing and likes the winter atmosphere. Big Wood Pond, Little Big Wood and several other ponds are open to ice fishing. Salmon Trout and Togue (grey trout) are these ponds sought out fish.

What You Need to Know
(fishing laws subject to change)

  • Open water fishing season; April 1 - September 30 (general law)
  • Fishing licenses are needed and available for purchase at Bishop's Store for 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 15 day or season as well as Junior Licenses (12-15 years of age)

Free Family Fishing Days are Back!!

Free family fishing days will take place in the State of Maine . On these days any person, residents or non-residents (except for those whose license has been suspended or revoked) may fish without a license. All other fishing laws and regulations apply on these days.